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Single « Pancakes » de PREY DRIVE (ffo Circa Survive, Thrice)

singleThe concept was Brads idea and was brought to life by our friend Charlie Wallis, who also produced our last video for « More Than Magic ». The video begins where we left off, with Brad dressed as a magician, but it then snowballs into a bizarre and surreal series of events that sees Brad embarking on a journey to fulfill a lifelong dream. Without wanting to give too much away, the video’s dress-code was largely influenced by the 1980’s and contains footage that some viewers may find arousing.

Lyrically Brad says: The style of writing I used for pancakes was to make the song almost seem tongue in cheek and silly to disguise the sheer heartbreak of the subject matter at hand.It’s about remembering a time that once was –  ‘she used to wake me in the morning, she made pancakes for me’

And the point where it all changed – ‘Your words cut like a knife’

And how seeing that person everyday still hurts – ‘seeing your face is getting harder to take. Your eyes are open wide. They remind me of better days. ‘

At the end I reference the singer from Weezer – ‘Like Rivers once said, you’ve left me undone, like Rivers said I’ve come undone.’

The Sweater Song is one of my all time favourite songs and a huge inspiration for this song in which he sings about a thread from a sweater as a metaphor for his heart coming undone. I wanted to do something similar with pancakes…

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Preorder this upcoming album here:

EU: http://bit.ly/2NKpkYh

UK: https://preydriveband.bigcartel.com 


08/02 – Birmingham

08/03 – Norwich

08/04 – Worcester

08/05 – Torquay

08/06 – Bristol

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