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💿 MARBL – Single « You »

Folk/Pop artist MARBL is yet to release a new single “You (Make Me Feel  Brand New)” on 6th of March. “You (Make Me Feel Brand New)” dances  around the mystery of love, in a spiritual, physical and intellectual manner. 

It’s about beaming out signals, to be received and returned back to us, creating the coincidences that can bring two souls together. 

“We’re always chasing something, someone, we can run for years, sometimes we know what for, sometimes it’s our subconscious that’s boost our feet. When we finally get to it, the whole journey makes sense, and that is, I believe, the essence of everything. I had an inner flame telling me to make a collage of videos that I collected and purchased, from photographers from all over the world – to tell the story behind the song.” – 


MARBL // You (Make Me Feel Brand New)

MARBL demonstrates in the collage the cycles in nature, how we’re in constant movement, the natural sense of adding matter to our life experiences; we revise, we renew. We follow two people’s lives through the seasons of the year, until their cycles merge into one, in the spring of their spiritual souls.


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