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Summer Salt – Honeyweed

Based in Austin, TX, Summer Salt blends vibrant yet breezy vocal harmony and colorful elements of 1960s pop, Bossa Nova and jazz.  The group was originally formed around the talents of Matthew Terry (vocalist/guitarist) and Eugene Chung (drummer) during their senior year of high school.  Before moving to Austin, Matt and Eugene enjoyed playing intimate… Lire la suite Summer Salt – Honeyweed

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Kuri – The Great Orator

Creativity relies on vision in a figurative and literal sense. Though he may be a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Kuri chiefly describes himself as “an observer.” His keen insight and sonic curiosity thread together an intriguing framework of carefully constructed and composed alternative on 2019’s debut album No Village [Nevado Music]. The foundation remains rooted in organic performances,… Lire la suite Kuri – The Great Orator

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Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time feat. The Fame Riot

Dance Yourself Clean is an Indie-Pop dance party created by music lovers, for music lovers. What started as a small party in a tiny bar in Seattle in 2013 has since grown to a massive movement spanning the US from coast to coast and further. With a dedicated celebrity following, the nights are known for… Lire la suite Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time feat. The Fame Riot

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Lee Elliot – Dirt

Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee fuses dark pop melodies with edgy vocals and innovative electronic soundscapes to create an unpredictable sound, acting as a voice for the voiceless. With an admiration for the lulling alt-pop of artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray and the homegrown rebellion of Twenty One Pilots, Elliot Lee holds an awareness of what music that… Lire la suite Lee Elliot – Dirt

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Future Animals – Last Summer

Don Stefano (singer/writer/producer) has always lived his life through music and started his professional career in 2011 when he released his first album, working as songwriter and producer. Since then he have taken the industry by storm and have had numerous international hits, including the Grammy nominated hit “7 years” by Lukas Graham. In 2016… Lire la suite Future Animals – Last Summer

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Lena Leon – ‘Walls’

Lena Leon is a critically acclaimed singer, producer, audio engineer and songwriter from New York City. Having quickly become one of the go-to vocalists and songwriters for some of the biggest producers and DJs in the dance scene, Leon is now showing the world who she is an artist. She confides, “People can always sense… Lire la suite Lena Leon – ‘Walls’

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Jillian Steele – ‘No Expectations’

Jillian Steele is an American indie pop singer/songwriter from New York currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Having formed an early love for performing, the songstress initially started her career singing and acting in commercials, but not long after made the decision to move to Nashville and study at the renowned Belmont University. Her time there… Lire la suite Jillian Steele – ‘No Expectations’

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Bridesmen – Overwhelm

Bridesmen is Los Angeles based Kenton Chen, an indie neo-soul, R&B singer/songwriter who has set out to encourage others to find power within themselves and use compassion to enact change. Known for his work on NBC’s Sing-Off, as well as his performances with Postmodern Jukebox and Scary Pockets, Chen’s latest project is a radical departure from his jazz/a cappella roots.… Lire la suite Bridesmen – Overwhelm

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Lucy & La Mer – « Blue Dress »

Lucy & La Mer is the LA-based indie project of singer/songwriter Lucy LaForge. Known for her bright melodies and disarming lyrics, Lucy wrote her debut EP Little Spoon while living aboard a sailboat after a bad breakup. The folk pop EP charted on College Radio in 2015, followed by a national tour and 2 semi-finalist… Lire la suite Lucy & La Mer – « Blue Dress »

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American Authors – Before I Go

Each seasonal cycle informs, impacts, and inspires growth. American Authors translate those cycles of change into genre-blurring alternative anthems, bordering pop ambition and rock spirit undercut by a rhythmic hip-hop boom. Touting airtight songcraft and sonic adventurousness, the Brooklyn-based four-piece—Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums]—push forward… Lire la suite American Authors – Before I Go