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Drea & The Marilyns – Everything to me …

Drea Marilyn returns with her new single, the ethereal “Everything To Me.” Marilyn, a Seattle-based musician, has experienced much success as a performer, songwriter, and artist. She began her career touring with her band, Drea & the Marilyns, before finally stepping out on her own in 2019. Her solo music encapsulates an emotional, unique nature,… Lire la suite Drea & The Marilyns – Everything to me …

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Marco DeLiso – And We Fall …

Marco DeLiso is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who uses his music as a tool for expressing a common language. Stylistically, DeLiso's music is groovy, flush with vocal harmony and presented with levity, bringing people together where they can be themselves and laugh at his silly presentation. Urged into music by his… Lire la suite Marco DeLiso – And We Fall …

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URSAE – Distance …

Ursae is a Brooklyn-via-Bay Area indie-pop project by artist/singer Andy Campbell. Campbell's earnest songwriting, coupled with his experience as a producer, results in a left-of-center pop sound that blends DIY guitars with glittery synths and rolling 808s. The arrangements are meticulous and clean but far from sterile, tactfully walking the line between RnB-pop and indie-rock.… Lire la suite URSAE – Distance …

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Tall Heights – Under your skin

From playing on the streets of Boston to now performing in venues across the globe, the duo of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, together known as TALL HEIGHTS, have built a career from the ground up, diligently as a relentless touring act. It’s been a journey of consistent evolution for the longtime best friends –… Lire la suite Tall Heights – Under your skin

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Ebony Buckle – Susan

Ebony Buckle is a London-based singer/songwriter. Hailing from the seaside town of Townsville, Australia, Buckle was encouraged into the entertainment industry by her parents, studying singing, violin, piano and drama and before long she completed a degree in opera singing. Taking listeners on a whimsical leftfield-pop journey with her complex harmonies and imaginative storytelling lyricism,… Lire la suite Ebony Buckle – Susan

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Ming & Ping – Heaven’s Light

Ming & Ping are an → Asian American electronic pop band from Los Angeles, California. The duo consists of → Hong Kong born identical twin brothers Ming and Ping and their producer/creative director → Bao Vo. Originally formed in San Francisco, California, Ming & Ping have crafted a sound combining vintage synthesizers with an excess of layered vocals and heavy influences from 80s… Lire la suite Ming & Ping – Heaven’s Light

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✰ Danny Toeman ✰ She’s Got Something About Her ✰

Danny Toeman is a vibrant and powerful performer who seamlessly blends the classic vibes of Funk and Soul’s golden age with his own inimitable London edge, delivering a modern and fresh ‘neo-vintage’ flavour. The North London singer who is known for his outstanding live performances that showcase his rugged vocals and altitude-defying falsetto, creates a sound oozing with character and emotion. Along with his… Lire la suite ✰ Danny Toeman ✰ She’s Got Something About Her ✰

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LIVINGSTON new single « Sabotage » November 29, 2019

Formed in the multi-cultural hub of London, LIVINGSTON are Beukes Willemse and guitarist/keyboardist Chris van Niekerk from South Africa, drummer Jan Siekmann from Germany and bassist Phil Magee from the UK. Finding their feet with 2009’s debut “Sign Language” and 2012’s “Fire To Fire” (UniversalMusic Germany), the band achieved numerous successes including Top 20 in… Lire la suite LIVINGSTON new single « Sabotage » November 29, 2019

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Penny Betts …

The UK’s own Penny Betts offer up a uniquely smooth blend of indie-pop and sixties-style songwriting with their latest and self-titled EP. A four-piece who know precisely who they are and how they want to sound, Penny Betts are inspired by bands stretching as far back as Cream and Pink Floyd as much as modern… Lire la suite Penny Betts …

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Opāru – Ghost To Follow

Opāru is Los Angeles based songwriter, singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire. Known for her unique and introspective sound which fuses future electro with a dark ethereal undertone, Opāru produces dream-like operatic vocals, creating a fresh depiction of modern pop culture. Her music represents our animalistic nature and is a reminder to be true to… Lire la suite Opāru – Ghost To Follow