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R E L Evocapop : SIDE A

Chicago born/LA based singer-songwriter, R E L, released a crowd-funded debut EP in 2015 called r.e.l. The young, independent artist has amassed over 3 million streams across platforms. Always with her reliably potent voice, R E L’s music has been described as dreamy, sultry, innovative, gorgeously spirited, soulful, intuitive, rhythmic, ethereal, electro, colorful & brimming… Lire la suite R E L Evocapop : SIDE A

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Tame Impala  has released "Patience," the first new music since his GRAMMY nominated, RIAA Gold-Certified 2015 release, Currents. The new track, is out today → Listen here. "Patience" is a mid-tempo chugger of 70's disco and 90's house, stoned on the house-made Tame Impala lysergic liquor. A jubilant, confident cut of elegant piano jabs, driving disco drums and Parker's inimitable… Lire la suite TAME IMPALA –  » PATIENCE « …

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ϟ JANOS ϟ Zero ϟ

Swedish born singer songwriter JANOS spends his time between the streets and pubs of Oslo and London. Fusing beautiful pop melodies, soulful vocals and explosive energy, the pop-punk soul artist delivers listeners with a fresh, contemporary sound. From fragile, heartfelt ballads to funky upbeat anthems, JANOS tells a story relating to the highs and lows… Lire la suite ϟ JANOS ϟ Zero ϟ

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A guitarist long inspired by technical studio masterminds like IAMX and Nine Inch Nails, Walborn was initially mystified by the level of knowledge and expertise needed to craft electronic music. It wasn’t until he picked up a gig playing guitar for an electro artist in Los Angeles that he discovered that a minimal, DIY approach… Lire la suite GHOSTFEEDER – Veins

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THE SHAKES (U.S) – « Heaven (doesn’t seem too far away) »

Far from your typical bedroom pop indie artist, The Shakes are a brilliant glimpse into a world of clarity. Composed of songwriter Sean Perry as the frontman, Cameron Pearson on guitar, Syd Tagle on keys/synth, Tanner Henderson on bass and Levi matullis on the drums, The Shakes are a modge podge of individuals with an artistic… Lire la suite THE SHAKES (U.S) – « Heaven (doesn’t seem too far away) »

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Junaco – Willow

Junaco is the foundation of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. Born in the unincorporated mountain town on the outskirts coastal Northern California, the duo found an escape from musical conventions. Fleeing the rituals of rushing through songs, away from the nonsense of worrying, a budding partnership was found based equally on half-parts progression and melody.… Lire la suite Junaco – Willow

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Van Bellman – « All This Time »

Van Bellman releases third single “All This Time” just in time for Valentine’s Day. If Sufjan Stevens was on a Beatles kick and stumbled upon a lost track from Beck’s Sea Change, it may sound like “All This Time,” a handful of broken romances distilled into one story. Boy wants girl, but plays it cool. She feels rejected and moves… Lire la suite Van Bellman – « All This Time »

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Easy – I want to marry you

Brand new California collective easy make a remarkable debut with "I Want To Marry You", an intricately crafted, experimental left-pop song that immediately earmarks this band as one to watch. Speaking on the release, easy state:   “easy is a community and a vision. We are sisters and brothers who share a love of music and a… Lire la suite Easy – I want to marry you

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C. SHIROCK – Eyes of Sorrow

C. SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock - founder, frontman and primary writer for internationally acclaimed band, SHIROCK.  The new music from C. SHIROCK is an evolution and a distillation of his previous work, cutting to the core of his identity, with a power and clarity not heard before.  Blending anthemic choruses, musical builds and releases with… Lire la suite C. SHIROCK – Eyes of Sorrow

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Kenny Zhao – Feeling Today

Zhao is the proof of concept and pop moniker of producer and singer Kenny Zhao. Raised in the suburbs of Atlanta by Chinese immigrants, Kenny studied classical piano and composition before moving to Los Angeles. While his sound is constantly evolving, the path taken is always a danceable one, borrowing cues from the likes of Chairlift, Kaytranada, Washed Out, and James… Lire la suite Kenny Zhao – Feeling Today