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Elliot Lee – Upside Down

Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee fuses dark pop melodies with edgy vocals and innovative electronic soundscapes to create an unpredictable sound, acting as a voice for the voiceless. With an admiration for the lulling alt-pop of artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray and the homegrown rebellion of Twenty One Pilots, Elliot Lee holds… Lire la suite Elliot Lee – Upside Down

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The Silver Lake Chorus – Tabu

The Silver Lake Chorus is celebrating their Los Angeles roots. Partnering with LA-based artists Van Dyke Parks and Lucius, and producer Luke Top (Fools Gold, Cass Mccombs), TSLC is putting out two new tracks that serve as a delicious follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2015 debut, which, according to The Wall Street Journal, relied on “the… Lire la suite The Silver Lake Chorus – Tabu

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Monti – Shadow

Monti is the brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lauren Silva “Monti”.  Monti’s music empowers the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships.  Born into an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism, Monti was a runaway who dodged foster care systems living off and on the streets, escaping a life of gangs, mental… Lire la suite Monti – Shadow

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Trapdoor Social – The Move

Trapdoor Social is a Los Angeles based independent rock band with a mission. With it's origins in a college environmental studies program, the band has a record of fundraising and activism to promote sustainability. Starting in 2015 Trapdoor Social branched off from the usual mix of club/radio/college shows and began producing outdoor, solar-powered concerts and… Lire la suite Trapdoor Social – The Move

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The Great Escape – « Where Do We Go From Here »

AN HOMAGE TO IMMIGRANTS - Venice trio The Great Escape showcase inspiring new music powered short film “Where Do We Go From Here" "Where Do We Go From Here" is a hypnotic song about leaving the comfort zone, going new ways and being true to yourself and your dreams - even and especially in hard… Lire la suite The Great Escape – « Where Do We Go From Here »

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Katey Brooks – All Of Me

Katey Brooks is a clear-eyed rebel in an industry that demands consistency. A devastating songwriting talent that has drawn comparisons with Jeff Buckley (Supajam), Brooks has no shortage of famous admirers and yet she has resisted formula. Over a career spanning four continents, she’s journeyed from intimate living rooms to opulent concert halls, from dive bars to… Lire la suite Katey Brooks – All Of Me

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Micky James – Walk The Line

Taking influence from Brit rock legends, David Bowie, The Clash and The Rolling Stones, Micky James creates gritty glam rock’n’roll with pop sensibilities. After touring the States with his previous band, the group eventually dissolved and James decided to focus on the formation of his solo project. The time spent performing in the band essentially helped sculpt the identity of… Lire la suite Micky James – Walk The Line

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Julius Cowdrey – If This Is Love, Then I Must Hate You

Julius Cowdrey is a British singer/songwriter from Kent, England. Despite coming from a famous sporting background where his father and grandfather both captained the England cricket team, Julius discovered his talent and love for music at a very young age whilst singing in school choirs and concerts and quickly immersed himself into his passion. Known… Lire la suite Julius Cowdrey – If This Is Love, Then I Must Hate You

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Sam Valdez – Turn

Sam Valdez is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, whose music is built upon the fusion of shoegaze and vintage Americana indie folk. Embodying the best of both genres, Valdez has created dreamy, yet haunting atmospheric soundscapes that resonate with her listeners. Valdez grew up at the edge of the Nevada desert, in Las Vegas and… Lire la suite Sam Valdez – Turn

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ARMS AKIMBO – Seven Dollar Paycheck

Los Angeles indie group Arms Akimbo (Chris Kalil - vox/guitar, Peter Schrupp - vox/guitar, Matt Sutton - drums and Colin Boppell - vox/bass) return with a new EP, “Seven Dollar Paycheck”. It’s a record that continues to expose the anxiety, trepidation but also wonderment in taking on an uncertain world whilst feeling barely armed for… Lire la suite ARMS AKIMBO – Seven Dollar Paycheck